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Binthani Motors is an elite car repair garage in Dubai, that offers all minor to major auto repair solutions for Cadillac and other famous brands. It offers all the Cadillac repair services in Dubai. Our team of qualified mechanics and certified technicians can fulfill all your needs for your Cadillac brand car. Binthani Motors promises that you will have your Cadillac back to life in no time if it ever faces any mishaps in electrical or mechanical problem.


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    Binthani Motors Cadillac Repair Garage has the following Cadillac Services Dubai

    Cadillac Engine Repair Service

    Cadillac Engine Repair Service

    • Engine Standardizing/ Tuning

    • Car engine overhaul

    • Vehicle Engine Diagnostics

    • Cooling System Repair for Cadillac Engine

    Cadillac Brake Repair

    Cadillac Brake Repair

    • Flushing the brake fluid routinely

    • Repairing bruised brake calipers

    • Damage & Upkeep of Brake Pads

    • Overheated brakes and exhaust

    Cadillac Suspension Repair Services

    Cadillac Suspension Repair Services

    • Repairing the Air suspension

    • Racks and pinion steering mechanism

    • Knots & Ball Joints for Tie Rods

    • Wheel bearings and front-end components Struts, shock absorbers, coil springs, and leaf springs

    Transmission Repair for Cadillac

    Transmission Repair for Cadillac

    • Cadillac Transmission Replacement

    • Diagnostics and check-up service in Dubai

    • Cadillac Oil Filtration Services in UAE

    • Reconditioning services for gearboxes

    Cadillac AC Repair Services

    Cadillac AC Repair Services

    • Leakage testing and AC diagnosis

    • Refueling of the air conditioner

    • Fixing the AC compressor

    • Complete servicing for AC system cleaning

    Cadillac Car Detailing Services

    Cadillac Car Detailing Services

    • Car Odor Removal

    • Glass cleaning and varnishing for interior windows

    • Cleaning the dashboard

    • Spot cleanup and interior trim cleaning

    • Washing and sanitizing the a/c vents

    Cadillac Body Work

    Cadillac Body Work

    • Repair for Accidental Damage

    • Restoration of Windshield Damage

    • Replacement of the glass, rust remediation, and repair

    • Maintenance of the Panel and Bumper

    • Vehicle Dent Repair

    Cadillac External Detailing

    Cadillac External Detailing

    • Car Polishing and Waxing

    • Cleanup of the Engine Bay

    • Tyre and Rim Polishing

    • Shining up the headlights

    High-Quality Cadillac Body Painting

    High-Quality Cadillac Body Painting

    • Painting of the rim and the calipers

    • Detailed Body Painting

    • Restoration for Car Paint Scratches.

    Special Works for Cadillac

    Special Works for Cadillac

    • Paint Security film

    • Ceramic Covering

    • Upholstery Restoration

    • Exhaust Upgrades

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    Our Cadillac Repair Service Dubai Methods are carried out by qualified Cadillac Experts at our True Quality Cadillac Repair Garage in Dubai. We accurately and expertly enable Cadillac Solutions and guarantee that all of our fixed and repaired Cadillacs operate more effectively on the route. We own the legacy as the best automotive repair company in Dubai, UAE.