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Car Engine Repair Issue? How Binthani Motors can Help You Avoid it?

  • Replace your car’s oil and filter per 6 months.
  • Monitor the coolant pump regularly.
  • Air Cleaning changes should be made every 20,000 miles.
  • Frequently inspect and repair your engine belting.
  • Following 40,000 miles, change your ignition coils
  • Don’t drive on save fuel and fill up when necessary.

Binthani Motors is Royal Quality Craftsmanship for 20+ years. We recognize the car engine repair problem and offer the best engine repair at affordable costs all over Dubai. Our timely service from quality mechanics will rescue you from costly and inconvenient scenarios in the future.

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Why Choose Binthani Motors For Engine Repair

  • Experienced Mechanics may tune and repair your automobile engine at their best..

  • Obtain sincere estimates from trained technicians. Know how much it’s going to cost to fix your engine

  • You can anticipate unique, royal-quality craftsmanship

  • We will provide you with a free estimate and assessment

  • A quick and professional auto engine repair service is offered at competitive rates with no additional fees

Brands We Service

Our Process

  • Drop off your Vehicle / We Pick Up**

  • Conduct a Thorough Assessment of the Engine Repair Required

  • Provide Estimate for Customer Approval

  • Commence & Complete Engine Repair

  • Conduct Final Check & Test Drive

  • Vehicle Drop Off* / Hand Over

*Free Driver Pick up and Drop off (anywhere in Dubai).
**If your car is immobile, a tow truck can be arranged (at an added cost) to bring your vehicle to our garage.

Vehicle Engine Repair and Rebuild

If you wish to escape cascading systems failure be careful to keep up with your planned car engine repair in Dubai. To avoid a situation where a full engine rebuilding or replacement is necessary. By carrying out routine preventative maintenance, you may lengthen the engine’s lifespan.

Put your faith in the professionals at Binthani Motors for something as vital as an affordable engine repair service in Dubai or an overhaul. Our certified technicians have been maintaining vehicle engines for more than 2 decades.

Vehicle Engine Repair and Rebuild

Get the best engine repair and maintenance for your car today!

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    What does Binthani Motors offer in the Best Engine Repair Services?Repair and Rebuild

    The Binthani Motors offers you the following car engine repair services in Dubai:

    • Diagnostics for the Check Engine Light

    • Solution for Engine Overheating

    • Maintenance of Engine Head Gaskets

    • The engine vibrates.

    • Treatment for Engine Oil Leakage

    • Fixing Coolant Leakage

    • Repair for Engine Oil and Water Mix

    • Repairing Engine Misfire

    • Repair for Smoking Engine

    • Damage to engine valves

    • Engine Oil Pump Problem

    • Limping Engine Running

    • Motor Control Lights Are On

    • Replacement for rattling turbochargers

    • Filters for diesel particulates

    • Repair of Turbo Injectors

    • Servicing Diesel & Turbo Engines

    • Scheduling Chain for Engine

    • Tuning and Timing Belt adjustment

    • Problems with The Engine Camshaft Belt

    • Engine Upkeep/Complete Reprogramming

    • Motor Oil Pump Problem

    • Fuel Pump for Engine Problem


    Affordable Engine Repair Services Dubai – Rapid Procedure

    • Drop your car at our garage or call us to pick it up from your spot
    • Make a thorough analysis of the necessary engine repairs
    • Offer tentative for the client’s approval
    • Begin & Wrap up car engine repair
    • Ultimate inspection and test drive
    • Vehicle delivery/handoff

    Anywhere around Dubai, a driver will pick your vehicle up and drop it off.

    Even if your car is not moving, we can prepare a tow truck to transport it to our garage (at an additional expense).

    Still, inquiring about where to get the nearby best engine repair service in Dubai?

    Binthani Motors guarantees you with soonest possible reach wherever you are. Our Living for a Good idea doesn’t let you wait for long for any engine repair mechanic to come for your help. You can just ring us once and we will be at your best engine repair service.

    We know that the engine is not only the heart of an automobile but also the most complicated system in it. Therefore, the car utterly needs engine repair in Dubai, UAE. Because the engine is the unit that runs cooling systems, suspensions, and other crucial interconnected constituents of the vehicle. Hence, Binthani motors mechanical car engine services will make you experience a smooth ride. Give us a Try and Binthani motors have 20+ years of legacy will compel you to stick to our best engine repair services for your royal automobiles.

    Engine Oil Leakage

    An oil leak can be caused by several things, including worn seals or gaskets, cracked hoses or lines, or faulty filters. Oil leaks can be dangerous – if they go undetected long enough, they can cause damage to other parts like the cylinder head and pistons. The sooner this is addressed, the less likely it is that more serious damage has been done already.

    Check Engine Light

    You should never ignore the check engine indicator, as it may mean there are serious issues with your car that need to be addressed immediately. Regardless of how serious or non-serious the problem may seem at first glance, it’s never safe to ignore this warning system if it goes off while driving. It’s always good to get a complete diagnose problems early so you won’t have to go through expensive repair work. When the check engine light comes on, you must contact us immediately for a quick engine repair.

    Engine Overheating

    Engine overheating is a serious problem that can cause severe engine damage and failure. If your car is overheating, it’s a serious problem. If you experience overheating, stop driving and turn off your engine immediately. When an engine becomes hot enough that the water in its cooling system boils (or “superheats”), it can cause severe damage to vital engine parts such as pistons and cylinders. If you experience engine overheating once, you should bring your vehicle in for a quick check up to solve the problem before it costs you.

    Engine Vibration

    If you’re experiencing engine vibration, there are several things you can check. The first is to make sure that the engine mounts are not loose or broken. If they are, then this will cause the engine to shake when it is running—and it may also be causing a knocking sound in the engine compartment.

    Another thing that might be causing your car’s shaking is a bent or broken component of your vehicle. This could be anything from an axle to an oil filter house or even a transmission. If you experience an engine vibration, speak to us for a quick diagnosis.

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