Totally reliable Dodge service and restoration in Dubai!

Were you searching for a professional Dodge service in Dubai for a superior Dodge Repair? You have just arrived at the accurate platform. We at Binthani Motors are completely outfitted with contemporary tools and cutting-edge machinery with the purpose to restore true performance to all Dodge automobile models.

The Dodge repair procedure at Binthani Motors has been made simple, accessible, and affordable for all consumers. Our business never demands complicated or pricey solutions. You can always rely on our professional Dodge mechanics and certified technicians to help you; we can determine the best pricing for Dodge Repair and maintenance!


Get the best transmission repair and maintenance for your car today!

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    Binthani Motors Best Dodge Service Dubai

    Battery services for Dodge

    Malfunctioning Dodge Battery? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • Tests on Dodge battery cables

    • Dodge thorough electrical inspection

    Transmission examination for Dodge Transmission Repair

    Transmission examination for Dodge Transmission Repair

    Having issues with the Dodge transmission? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • Broadcasting programs in Dodge

    • Dodge Services for transmission oil filters

    • Solutions for overhauling Dodge gearboxes

    Superior oil change for Dodge vehicles

    Superior oil change for Dodge vehicles

    Seeking Dodge Oil Change service in Dubai? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • Oil filter replacement

    • A 360-degree wellness check with oil flushing

    Repairing a Dodge AC

    Is your AC not cooling properly? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • AC analysis and leak testing

    • Fill up on AC gas

    • Repairing an AC compressor

    • Complete AC system cleaning service

    Repairing a Dodge engine

    Repairing a Dodge engine

    Are you worried about Dodge Engine Efficiency service? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • Tweaking a Dodge engine

    • Dodge engine diagnostics and detailing

    • Complete overhaul of the Dodge engine

    Wheel Alignment for Dodge

    Wheel Alignment for Dodge

    Looking for a Dodge tyre service garage in Dubai? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • Services for balancing the tyres of Dodge

    • Wide-angle health screening

    • Dodge wheel alignment adjustment

    Dodge Upholstery

    Dodge Upholstery

    Is Dodge Upholstery bothering you? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • Dodge fine-tuning.

    • Interior Dodge scrubbing

    • Exterior cleaning of Dodge

    • Dodge highlighting

    Dodge Body Shop

    Dodge Body Shop

    Are you seeking Dodge garage Dubai for Dodge Body restoration? Contact Binthani Motors for

    • Dodge Paint Service

    • Accident Repairs in Dodge

    • Dodge Body Color change