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The Binthani Legacy

The Family name Binthani resonates with a legacy that finds its roots well before the inception of the UAE spanning three generations of Emiratis. The Binthani Legacy carries an unparalleled spirit for quality and craftsmanship in business, started by the late Eid Bin Harib Alfalasi, and still remains true to this day. With inroads in Marine, Automotive, Investments and Contracting, Binthani Legacy – the parent company – is a proud member of the Dubai SME Initiative (Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives) and a contributor to the Dubai Economy.

The Binthani Motors

With the Vision of “Capitalize on the legacy of ancient craftsmanship for generation of tomorrow.”  With deep roots that go back 100+ years, Binthani Motors was built on the legacy of true craftsmanship, knowledge and skills. Today, boasting of over 30 years of provide expert quality Binthani Motors was set up to bring the love of all things automotive and its legacy together. With expert knowledge in vehicles, state-of-the-art spray booth facility which provides an exceptional finish and the perfect match in color.

A quick look at Binthani Motors

  • 20,000 Square Foot Facility, one of the largest Multi-Brand Facility in Dubai across two floors. Our expertise spans across all Modern and Classic Mechanical & Electrical works; Detailing, Paint, Ceramic, Smart Dent Fixing and Caron Fibre Fabrication.
  • Top of the line crew with factory trained mechanics serving all European and American Vehicle Brands.
  • Expert knowledge in all old and new automotive technology with over 100+ years of collective–hands on experience.
Binthani Motors Garage


Michael is our General Manager & Resident “Car Buff”!

Michael brings 30 years of industry experience to the table and knows everything about maintaining a luxury vehicle right here in Dubai. His passion for vehicles and all things automotive runs in his blood. His expertise is nothing short of what you get at a dealership and his knowledge will amaze anyone who gets into a conversation with him.

Michael understands vehicles like a good heart surgeon understands the heart. His passion for all things automotive is what makes the “Binthani Motors Experience” that much better!

His Favorite Brand of Vehicles: Mercedes Benz