Lamborghini Repair and Maintenance Services at the Auto Garage Dubai

Lamborghini Major and Minor Repair Service

Lamborghini Major and Minor Repair Service

We have both Major and Minor services along with an Intermediate service package for your Lamborghini. Assure yourself to talk with one of our experts about which package best suits your luxury vehicle! If you need any other information on our services, please feel free to contact us today!

  • Minor Service @ 10,000KM for Lamborghini

  • Lamborghini Major Service

Lamborghini Brake Repair Dubai

Lamborghini Brake Repair Dubai

Before the matter gets worse, you must have your Lamborghini brakes repaired in Dubai. You must have inspected by a specialist if you see any indications of bad or uneven wear. Additionally, routine inspections have the potential to save lives as well as avert expensive future Lamborghini brake repairs in Dubai!

  • Brake Pad Replacement for Lamborghini Front and Rear

  • Lamborghini Front / Rear Brake Sensor Repair

  • Service for Lamborghini’s braking system

  • Replaced front/rear brake discs for Lamborghinis

  • Lamborghini Repair/Brakes Booster Inspection

Lamborghini Engine Repair Services Dubai

Lamborghini Engine Repair Services Dubai

The engine in your Lamborghini is created to perform at its best. It produces power and efficiency because it has been carefully adjusted. Major problems might arise with your Lamborghini engine if one or more system parts are broken. We at Binthani Motors provide the following engine repair service:

  • Engine substitution and upkeep for Lamborghini vehicles

  • Repair of the Lamborghini engine coolant system

  • Engine Service Oil Leak for Lamborghini

  • Repair of a Lamborghini engine that is hot and faulty

  • The engine light on a Lamborghini is being diagnosed

Lamborghini Body Shop Solutions

Lamborghini Body Shop Solutions

What will Lamborghini look like if not maintained in the professional body shop? That is why Binthani Motors is here for:

  • Accidental repairs for Lamborghinis

  • Lamborghini Windscreen Repair

  • Suspension Lamborghini repair and alignment

  • Frame pulling and straightening

  • Lamborghini warping, coating, and color changes

  • Peel-able paint and waxing of Lamborghini

  • Headlight restores convertible roof repairs

  • Lamborghini Internal leather repairs, roof liner repairs, and other services.

Lamborghini AC Repair and Maintenance in Dubai

Lamborghini AC Repair and Maintenance in Dubai, UAE

Binthani Motors understands the unpredictable and hot temperature of Dubai, UAE. Therefore, to ease you with the best possible weather conditions we have:

  • Lamborghini AC analysis and leak testing

  • Fill up on Lamborghini AC gas

  • Repairing an AC compressor in Lamborghini

  • Lamborghini Entire AC system cleaning service

  • Air conditioning odor removal service at Lamborghini repair garage Dubai

Lamborghini Detailing

Lamborghini Detailing

The professionals and qualified mechanics at Binthani Motors will keep your Lamborghini in optimal condition. Carrying the legacy of Luxury cars maintenance, we know uniqueness and manufacturer standard. We offer:

Oil Change Service for Lamborghini

One of the most important aspects of a Lamborghini is its motor oil. The motor oil helps to keep the engine running smoothly by keeping the rings and valves lubricated, preventing wear and tear on the moving parts. Binthani Motors has:

  • Lamborghini Engine Oil Change

  • Gearbox / Lamborghini Transmission Oil Change

  • Steering Oil Change in Lamborghini

  • Audi Engine Repair for Overheating and misfiring,

  • Check Audi Engine Light Diagnostics

Gearbox Transmission Lamborghini Repair

Gearbox/ Transmission Lamborghini Repair

An instant gearbox or transmission repair is crucial to the maintenance and the Lamborghini repair. Consult Binthani Motors before you need to pay Lamborghini’s comprehensive inspection cost in Dubai. You can expect us for the following services:

  • Gearbox Rebuild/ Repair for Lamborghini

  • Lamborghini Gearbox / Transmission Oil Change,

  • Replacing Lamborghini Gearbox

What makes Binthani Motors the best choice for your next Lamborghini repair in Dubai?

We provide a straightforward solution with it all you require and a lot more. No matter what Lamborghini repair you need, our one-stop Lamborghini repair garage can handle all of your service and repair needs. We take quality assurance extremely seriously, so you can rest easy. To ensure our partner garages adhere to procedures and uphold the strictest standards for Lamborghini maintenance. Moreover, we inspect each of them regularly sure our partner garages are adhering to procedures and upholding the strictest standards for Lamborghini maintenance. We inspect each of them regularly with not burdensome Lamborghini comprehensive inspection costs. We also provide a variety of unique elements that set our repairs apart from the competition.