Car Mechanic Dubai

We are specialists in entire auto mechanic services. Our prominence is in being trustworthy craftsmen for car mechanic services that include cylinder, pumps, and other rotational and electrical equipment services, as well as heat treatment, piping, and other general mechanical services, which are all available to help you in your day-to-day operations.

With an emphasis on integration, we provide a variety of solutions and services. Our integrated services offer scale economies, responsive adaptability, and innovative thinking. They reduce downtime and process disruptions. They also decrease the number of suppliers you require, along with the corresponding administrative strain. Additionally, they promote safer working conditions and procedures for an auto mechanic.

Auto Mechanic Dubai Services

Binthani Motors, as always has been keeping its services as a living for good. We can take care of everything for you, from mechanical diagnostics and advising to maintenance and auto parts installation for European car brands and American car brands.

We provide the following mobile car mechanic services allover Dubai:


Tyre Adjustments

To facilitate tyre movement in both left and right orientations. Binthani Motors offer you a well-balanced and stable tyre alignment via the suspension of the vehicle. It has both pre-dominant and secondary adjustment angles like the inclined angle, angular displacement, and symmetric angle.


Brake Repair and Service

A braking system is a crucial component of an automobile. Therefore, its failure will result in high hazards and danger to you. To enable a braking system to cease your automobile, it needs hydraulic power and friction. Binthani Motors provide authentic auto mobile brake repair for your car’s mechanical and automatic brakes. It includes a brake caliper, braking shoe, cylinder, drummer, and anti-locking braking system.


Suspension Repair and

Binthani Motors provide important car mechanic services of suspension, shocks, and strut system repair. It has the purpose of a suave and durable driveway in Dubai.


Mobile Mechanic Transmission Repair and Servicing

Mobile car mechanic Dubai on the go. Numerous car owners believe they must visit a mechanic Dubai for car transmission maintenance and repairs.

Since Dubai’s vehicles include thousands of sophisticated pieces especially when it comes to majestic vehicles. Binthani as the legate provides:

  • Automated and Manual Transfer

  • Cradles/ Clutch

  • Drive Mechanism with Four Wheels

  • Drive Gearbox with Front Wheel

  • Dispatch Cases

  • Repairs, Diagnostic, and Service

  • Reinforcement