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Check, maintenance, and brake pad replacement

Check, maintenance, and brake pad replacement

Regular brake pad repair examination is essential for your vehicle to operate at its best. For all brands, models, and kinds of brake components as well as automobiles. We provide assessment, replacement brake pad repair, and servicing. You may have the best-ever brake pad service in Dubai at Binthani Motors auto garage.

Maintenance of brake components, and brake pad repair

Maintenance of brake components, and brake pad repair in Dubai

Each brake part eventually has to be replaced. And so the vehicle requires brake pad replacement. We at Binthani Motors offer the best automobile brake installation and brake pad repair service in the United Arab Emirates.

genuine quality brake repair

We do genuine quality brake repair with original parts

Our professionals put the most reputable vehicle brake replacement specialists in the UAE who only utilize original equipment components to ensure that quality and safety are never compromised. That means:

Get the best brake repair and maintenance for your car today!

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    Verified And Highly Rated

    • Servicing or replacing brake shoes, brake pads, refinishing brake rotors or drums, and replacing brake fluids.

    • Each component of your braking system is examined by skilled experts using abrasive technologies.

    • Maintenance and repair of brakes for demands involving both individual and fleet/commercial vehicles

    • Evaluation of the vehicle following servicing or installation to guarantee the best performance

    • When opposed to sending your automobile to an unreliable auto repair shop, Binthani Motors can save you up to 40%.

    Greatest Caliber

    • A support team provides the quickest response and professional guidance.

    • We exclusively sell genuine brake components from accredited wholesalers.

    • The largest network of licensed auto brake service companies in the United Arab Emirates

    • 1-year or 25,000-kilometer premium warranty on brake parts


    Signs and Symptoms to Identify the Brake Pads Problem in your Automobile


    When you drive your car, it is imperative that the brake pads are in good working condition. This is because a faulty brake pad and other brake components can lead to fatal accidents or cause serious injuries. A car brake repair should not be delayed and must be replaced if you notice any of the following signs:

    • Brake Pads Warning Light Illuminates
    • Grinding or squealing sound when braking or in motion
    • Vibrations while braking
    • Visible fuel leak
    • Burning smell when braking
    • Smoke from the car brakes or brake pads

    Any brake repair issues would require special tools only available from professionals who know exactly how things work inside any type of brake system. At Binthani Motors we conduct a thorough diagnostic of your brakes by an expert mechanic when you come in for a brake repair.

    Brakes Repair Service Dubai by Binthani Motors

    Regular Brake Fluid Flushes

    Regular Brake Fluid Flushes

    Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that’s used by your vehicle’s brake system to transmit pressure between the brake pad and the master cylinder. Receive the brake pad repair Dubai service at Binthani Motors.

    Binthani Motors’ qualified mechanics recommend that you flush your brake fluid every two years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first). If you neglect this brake system maintenance requirement for too long, it could result in worst—a total brake failure could occur.

    Brake Caliper Damage

    Brake Caliper Damage

    If you notice that your car isn’t slowing down as quickly as usual, there may be an issue with the brake calipers. If you feel your brake system isn’t functioning as it is supposed to, you may need to visit Binthani Motors as soon as possible. Obtain your Vehicle’s Brake Repair service in Dubai from the Royal Quality automotive repair workshop.

    Brake Pads Damage & Maintenance

    Brake Pads Damage & Maintenance

    Brake pads are comprised of metal, ceramic or composite materials. They are designed to be soft but with the ability to withstand high temperatures. When the brake pads are worn down, an immediate brake pad replacement must be considered in order to avoid your car’s wheels from locking; which may lead to loss of control of the vehicle.

    The lifespan of brake pads depends upon several factors including how well maintained they have been over time and how often they have been used since their installation date (new ones tend to last longer). Should yours start showing signs of wear such as chipping; we recommend replacement brake pads immediately before serious damage occurs.

    Brake Overheating and Smoke

    Brake Overheating and Smoke

    If you see smoke coming from your car’s brakes. You may have overheated brake pads or rotors, which can cause permanent damage if left unchecked. A burning sensation underfoot may also be a reason for overheated brakes. If you notice any of these symptoms in your vehicle, stop immediately you may need to diagnose and possibly obtain a brake pad repair service in Dubai.