Air-Conditioning Maintenance Dubai

An air conditioning system that is in perfect working order is necessary for maintaining your cool drive, especially in hot Areas like Dubai, UAE. You need to take regular AC maintenance to keep your car AC properly functioning. If you need an air conditioning repair, Binthani Motors is the most reliable car repair garage in Dubai for car AC servicing.

When to need an AC Repair Dubai?i

Before the auto system, in AC maintenance Dubai loses its ability to cool properly. There are usually signs that something isn’t right. If you encounter any of the following signs, you should get in touch with our technical experts immediately for a quick car AC Repair and diagnostic.

  • Warm air blowing from the AC System
  • No Air blowing from the AC System
  • Bad odor through AC Vents
  • Odd noises when AC Turned on
  • AC is not cooling properly.
  • AC suddenly stopped working

AC Maintenance Dubai, air conditioning recharge, and car AC air conditioning repair are important parts of car servicing. While some problems may be easy to be fixed with a quick automobile repair service, other car AC repairs may require more extensive professional work.

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    Are Their Signs of Leaking Under Your Car?

    There are a few signs you can look for that indicate a leaking car AC system. The first thing to look for is wet spots on the ground because these can be an indication of a leak in your AC line or drain line. There may also be wet spots on your car, which could mean there’s a leak in the compressor or condenser. On some cars, it’s easy to tell if there is an issue with the car AC unit by looking at the drains; if they are covered in dust as opposed to being clear and clean, this might mean the development of a water buildup within them. This could also lead to rusting and corrosion over time.

    Compressors clutch not engaging?

    If a wiring harness and electrical connections are damaged, the compressor clutch solenoid won’t work correctly and may not engage the compressor clutches properly. Another common issue for air conditioning compressor clutches is leaking refrigerant from seals on compressors or from cracks in hoses connected between compressors, evaporators (or heater cores), condensers, and expansion valves inside the vehicles’ air conditioning – AC systems. This could mean your car requires AC servicing.

    The odor from the car AC System

    You may notice an odor coming from the car AC system when you turn it on. This could be caused by a leak, mold, or mildew. If the smell is coming from inside your vehicle and not outside of it, then it’s likely that there is a leak in your car’s AC system. This means that car AC maintenance has to be done by an expert mechanic like one from Binthani Motors right away.

    Odd noises when the AC system operates

    Those odd noises from the car AC may be due to a loose or broken belt on the blower motor. The belts can also slip off their pulleys occasionally, which will require that they be tightened back into place. There could also be signs of wear and tear on either side of the belts in the Air condition. They need to be replaced immediately to avoid further damage to other components in your AC system or other car parts. Therefore, you need to contact the best car maintenance providers in Dubai to restore your car’s AC issues.

    Why Opt for Binthani Motors?

    You can have the best car AC servicing to use its fullest potential if you:

    car's AC

    Turn on the car AC for 10 minutes at a minimum once a week.

    AC gas refilled

    Every two years, get your AC gas refilled

    Car ac service

    At least one time a year, service your car’s AC

    For each service, update your AC air filter

    AC compressor

    Have a scheduled AC compressor drive belt investigation?

    AC recirculating pump mode

    To improve effectiveness, widely using the AC recirculating pump mode