Major Car Body Repair Services by Binthani Motors in Dubai

It may be time for a full car body paint or just a simple auto body scratch service. We are the leading car body shop in UAE that will give your car the best body paint and make it look new again. Our technicians are friendly, and knowledgeable and come to you at your convenience. Binthani Motors also offer full detailing and a 100% guarantee on our car body repair service at the auto garage in Dubai.

If you are looking for one of the following body paint services, Binthani Motor is the ideal place:

  • Full Body Car Painting

  • Alloy Wheel Paint Repair

  • Mirror Cover Repair

  • Brake Caliper Painting

  • Auto body scratch services

  • Car body Rim Painting

  • Windshield repair

  • Dent Removal

  • Minor/ Major accident repair

Paint your car body in a default paint finish with precise color match and paint protection from UV rays, water, and auto body scratch services. We at Binthani Motors offer a full-body service for all surfaces of the vehicle, including bumper scuffs and full-body paint jobs.

Get the best car body paint service for your car today!

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    Binthani Motors Signature Services for Car Body UAE

    Rim & Caliper

    Rims, calipers, and other parts of your car are given a paint job to protect their original color. This can be done in various ways including spraying or brushing.

    Full Body

    Full-body painting is a process of painting the whole car body with a single color. Because the body has several components such as doors and bumpers. The car body paint will be completely changed or in a few cases, just the car component can be painted.

    Auto Body Scratch Services

    Auto body scratch services are to remove the scratch from the surface of the car. This process is done by sanding the auto body scratch and then applying the paint over it. Binthani Motors’ qualified professionals assure that no marks will remain on your car body after its auto body scratch services.

    High-quality car body Repair for all your needs

    • Binthani Motors, being the best car body shop in UAE, uses the best quality paints in our work.

    • We have a great reputation and are trusted by the world’s luxury cars.

    • Our service is fast and efficient, with no waiting around for results!

    • So you can get the job done right without breaking your bank account.

    If you need a car body repair service that will cater to your needs and meet all of your expectations, look no further than us at Binthani Motors!