Binthani Motors Car Exterior Detailing team is specialized in providing high-quality and highly professional paint services to all European brand cars & American luxury cars in Dubai. We can meet your specific requirements, as we provide a wide range of exterior car detailing packages that are tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in the car detailing industry, our highly qualified mechanics can deal with any brand and kind of car exterior care requirements.

Whether you are looking for a full exterior car detailing package, or just for car polishing service, Bodypaint, and wheels. We offer an array of car detailing services that will keep your vehicle looking showroom-new. When you think of a full car exterior detailing near me, what comes to mind? You probably picture your car being washed and dried. But that is just the beginning.

Exterior Detailing Binthani Motors

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    A complete car exterior detailing also includes:

    • Washing and drying

    • Wheel and rim cleaning

    • Engine bay cleaning

    • Wheel, and rim polishing

    • Headlight polishing

    • full, exterior car detailing

    Car Exterior Detailing

    Car Polishing Service

    Car polishing service is a wax-like substance that contains abrasive particles. It is applied over the surface of your car and then buffed off, which leaves behind a protective layer. The main difference between car polish and traditional polishing is that car polish is made up of natural ingredients and therefore coats the paint with a more organic feel. Car polishing also contains less shine than traditional waxes do, which makes them perfect for those who prefer matte finishes. There are several benefits to using car polish from Binthani Motors:

    Car polishing service at Binthani Motors provides better protection for your car exterior than regular car washes do

    They can be used on all types of surfaces (convertible tops, windows) without worrying about damaging them

    The process of car polishing service application and removal takes less time than using other methods


    Engine Bay cleaning

    The engine bay is the area of the car that covers the engine, including the engine compartment, undertray, and front of the car. It’s an extremely dirty area in the car engine. You should probably clean it before selling your car. They both can be performed by hand or machine.

    Wheel & Rim Polish

    Wheel & Rim Polish

    Wheel and rim polish is a liquid that you apply to the wheels and rims of your car exterior detailing. It removes dirt, brake dust, and corrosion from the wheels and rims. This helps prevent rust from forming on the wheels.

    Headlight Polishing

    Headlight Polishing

    Headlight restoration is a process that uses a specialized car polishing service to restore the shine of headlights. If you’re looking for something more advanced than hand polishing, consider investing in the right expertise at an auto shop like Binthani Motors!

    Car Waxing

    Car Waxing

    Car Waxing and Car polishing service are the most important step in your car’s external detailing process. The purpose of car waxing is the protection of your car’s finish and enhance color or shine. It also fills the little marks left over by washing and drying the car in the exterior car detailing procedure. Regular use of quality wax service from Binthani Motors won’t often require re-application.

    A full, exterior car detailing package offers the best protection for your car

    A car exterior detailing improves the appearance of a car by removing dirt, dust build-up, insects caught in grilles, and other surface contaminants. It improves the car’s resale value because it looks better than the previous one. That one hasn’t received its in-depth cleaning from a legate auto workshop in Dubai like Binthani Motors.