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Your car is a big investment and you want to keep it looking as good as possible making sure the right car bodywork goes into it; is everything. At Binthani Motors, we can help you with car accident repairs and other car body repairs. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to making sure that your vehicle looks new again.

Many causes can require vehicle car body repair or restoration. The most common are accidents, which can leave a vehicle with broken glass and other damages. Another common reason for needing to have your car body repaired is due to rust, which eats away at the metal of your vehicle over time. Bumpers and fenders are also susceptible to damage due to weathering and wear, resulting in rust as well as dents on these parts of the car’s body.

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    Binthani Motors Major Car Body Works Dubai

    Binthani Motors are the best at what we do. We have all the tools and experience to make your vehicle look like new again! Our team of certified technicians and qualified mechanics can fix everything from scratches and dents to rust spots and all other car body works in Dubai. If you’re looking for quality body shop services at an affordable price, then contact us today!

    Best Car Accident Repair

    Best Car Accident Repair

    Whatever the reason for needing to get car accident repair, there’s no need to panic if you know where to turn for help! We know that accidents happen but our team at Car Body Works Dubai will make sure that your car accident repair is back into its original condition before handing over the keys again. Our expert technicians will also inspect every inch of their work so they know that everything has been done correctly – after all, we’re committed to doing things right the first time around!

    Windshield Damage Repair like new

    Windshield damage repair is an important part of winter car body repair. Windshields are made from laminated safety glass and are designed to break into small pieces when they are struck. This helps prevent you from being injured by the windshield when it breaks. This also means that repairing a cracked or broken windshield can be difficult.

    Reliable Rust Removal and Repair, Glass Replacement

    Reliable Rust Removal and Repair, Glass Replacement

    A common problem with cars is rust. Rust can spread quickly and become expensive to fix. The best way to remove rust is through sandblasting or other means such as chemical baths. Sandblasting will provide your car bodywork with a smooth surface that is ready for refinishing. Chemical baths do not remove all of the imperfections in your car body works and are therefore not recommended if you plan on having it repainted by professionals in Dubai.

    Expertise in Panel and Bumper Repair

    Expertise in Panel and Bumper Repair

    You’ve probably seen the bumper damage on your car body and are thinking that it’s a hopeless cause. Don’t worry! We can fix it up with our car body repair services, in UAE. So that your car looks as good as new. Binthani Motors’ team of experts has years of experience in European and American luxury car body repair, so we know how to get the job done right.

    Durable Car Scratch Repair

    Car body repairs for scratches are usually necessary when you have a small dent or an imperfection in your car. No one wants their vehicle to have a big scratch on it, but sometimes they are unavoidable. Most people will drive away from the scene of an accident and not even realize some damage done to their car until later.

    There are different types of car scratch repairs for different types of scratches depending on whether it is minor or major damage. We conduct a thorough check before deciding what type of repair is required.

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