The luxury car market is dominated by American brands, but there are a number of European Vehicles that have been able to establish themselves in the marketplace. Some luxury vehicle manufacturers have a long history of producing cars for high-end customers and others are relatively new to the scene.

European vehicles are known for their luxury, performance, design and safety features. They have a high resale value, which means they are worth more when you sell them than American cars are.

European vehicles also have a reputation for being reliable and long-lasting. They do not break down as often as American cars do and they run smoothly even after they reach the end of their life cycle (the time between when it was made and when it stopped being produced).

What Makes a European Vehicle Stand Out?

European cars are known for their safety and reliability. They have been engineered to be the safest vehicles on the road today.

European cars are known for their luxury, comfort and style. They feature elegant interiors with a focus on elegance and style over raw functionality.

European vehicles are known for their fuel efficiency. European vehicle engines tend to be smaller than those found in American-made vehicles, allowing them to use less fuel while still providing enough power to go fast when needed.

European vehicles are known for their performance: they can accelerate quickly from a stoplight or pass a slower car without losing control of the vehicle thanks to sophisticated traction control systems that keep tires firmly planted on icy roads or wet pavement during rainy weather conditions (a necessity in Europe). A standard feature on most European makes is all-wheel steering which allows drivers an excellent view of curbside traffic without sacrificing maneuverability at low speeds (another necessity in Europe).

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    Binthani Motors and European Vehicles

    At Binthani Motors, we pride ourselves in being the best at maintaining, servicing and repairs for all European vehicles brands. We specialize in providing the best care, and service packages that have been specially curated to maintain European vehicle brands. Our service guarantee is nothing different to the dealership experience and we are known to be the best dealer alternative care provider for all European vehicle brands.

    Brands that We Service



    Binthani Motors automotive repair shop in Dubai offers complete European car brand Dubai service. We have the finest Porsche classic car restoration in Dubai. Our Porsche experts have expertise in providing Porsche customers with thorough services delivered with the utmost professionalism. Whether Porsche has major and minor maintenance to Porsche roadside assistance or Porsche engine repairs, etc. Binthani Motors will take no time in giving life back.



    Binthani motors have all of the best tools and skilled workers to satisfy European dealer quality requirements in our luxury car garage in Dubai. We undertake all Ferrari model servicing and repairs as a dealer-alternative Ferrari Service garage. We provide the most economical repairs and maintenance for all Ferrari automobile models.



    In Dubai, UAE, Binthani Motors is a unique and best luxury car service in Dubai with a keen interest in sports cars like Maserati. We have all the necessary equipment and tools to repair any model of the beautiful Maserati car. We take great delight in repairing to the highest standard with legacy. Because we value customer satisfaction and we know the sporty attitude of Maserati.


    Aston Martin

    Binthani Motors’ professional mechanics have expertise in providing owners of Aston Martins with thorough servicing carried out with absolute integrity. They offer routine services from engine diagnostics to all sorts of major and minor Aston Martin services. Moreover, Binthani Motors have all classic car restoration services for European car brands.



    Do you need the finest Lamborghini service facility in Dubai, UAE? That is trustworthy, dependable, and reasonably priced. At Binthani Motors, we recognize the importance of having a Lamborghini expert take good care of your automobile. Our luxury car brands in Dubai service are uniquely technologized to handle and care for your Lamborghini in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.



    Audi is a European car brand synonymous with authenticity, style, power, and technology. It has established itself as a premium brand with exceptional skills. Binthani Motors’ Audi car garage in Dubai, offers the best maintenance services for Audi RS 3, Audi RS 4, Audi RS 6, Audi S 3, Audi S 5, and Audi S 8.



    Owned by the British, Bentley is a captivating touch of vintage combined with a state-of-the-art luxury car in Dubai. However, it upkeeps the capacity to design automobiles that are exceedingly comfortable and still possess sporting features. Binthani Motors has Bentley specialists who know how to look after such luxury cars’ legacy.


    Rolls Royce

    To satisfy the essential power demands of our world, Rolls-Royce develops cutting-edge innovations that are economical, safe, and reliable. An enduring manifestation of the extraordinary is found in Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Binthani Motors has the best luxury car service Dubai.


    Land Rover/ Range Rover

    To provide an unmatched degree of refinement, the Land Rover is a special European car brand that combines the most cutting-edge technology with premium components. It should be handled by professionals as a result. Binthani Motors offers you the finest Land Rover/ Range Rover servicing facility in the UAE by utilizing our extensive knowledge and top-notch equipment.



    Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of vehicles, featuring luxury saloons, SUVs, coupes, roadsters, convertibles, and more. Mercedes luxury car models all blend elegance with efficiency. A reliable and reputable luxury car garage in Dubai is Binthani Motors.



    The finest BMW service, repair, and servicing plans in Dubai are available at Binthani Motors. Our staff of BMW-certified mechanics uses the most up-to-date diagnostic and repair equipment to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible.



    When you first see a Jaguar on the way, it immediately stands out. Few automakers have been producing premium sports cars with distinctive styles and personalities for more than a century like Jaguar. Its strong roots in the British and modern technology combo make it lovely for Jaguar holders.



    Whether it’s a Mini Cooper or Mini Convertible. Binthani Motors can ease you like the Mini itself. An adjustable, handy, and sweet-looking automobile can be fixed instantly. However, all sorts and models of Mini are repairable and carried out efficiently. We are at your Mini service.



    The Maybach is a true piece of art with its classy and sophisticated appearance and expertly designed internal fixtures. Give your Maybach the finest care possible at Binthani Motors’ luxury car garage in Dubai.


    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo is an Italian Luxury European car brand that is well-known for its sports vehicles and has experience in auto racing. To enhance your four-wheel efficiency, let’s meet and greet at Binthani Motors luxury car garage in Dubai.