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Mercedes Repair Garage in Dubai

One Stop for Your All Mercedes Car Service

Maintaining the Mercedes Brand Legacy, combined is Binthani Motors service. We are a reputable Dubai-based Mercedes specialist in servicing and repairing all kinds of European vehicles. Our services include a variety of body maintenance and paint prevention measures, as well as vehicle diagnostics, all kinds of mechanical and electrical repairs, engines and gearboxes, car components, and technology.

Whether it is a European or American automobile that you own, Binthani Motors has all solutions for brake repair, suspension repairs, transmission replacement/ change, car engine repair, AC repair, body works, and interior Detailing or exterior detailing. We deal in Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, Range Rover, Porsche, etc.

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Mercedes Maintenance Packages by Binthani Motors

We are Mercedes professionals in Dubai for a range of models and years. Our service packages make it easy for you to maintain your vehicle at a lower cost than if you purchased individual services. We have both Major and Minor services that may benefit you depending on what needs to be done to your car, so be sure to talk with one of our experts about which package best suits you!

Mercedes Repair Dubai

Are you in need of a Mercedes repair in Dubai?

Nobody wants to have problems with their Mercedes. But when you do have an issue, it’s good to have a mechanic that you can trust “Mechanics That Know Mercedes Benz”. Finding a Trustworthy Mechanic can be tricky. It’s not like there are many of them just around the corner. But it’s crucial to find an experienced and reliable mechanic, especially when it comes to Mercedes repairs.

Are you looking for?

  • Air Condition Repairs, Coolant Top up and more.
  • Engine Rebuilds, Replacements & Repairs and more.
  • Mercedes Gearbox or Transmission Repair and more.
  • Brake Repair, Brake Pad Replacements and more.
  • Mercedes Electrical System diagnostics and repairs and more.
  • ECU Troubleshooting, Airbag Repair and more.
  • Suspension Repairs, Steering Repairs and more.
  • Dent Repairs, Upholstery Repairs, Bumper Repairs and more.

Mercedes Service Dubai

It is now a top priority to make sure that your automobile is in top shape. Mercedes specialist services start with a checklist. From an important part of owning and operating a vehicle to maintenance. With car and automobile technology upgrading, newer cars have become increasingly complex machines. This means that having Mercedes professionals inspect your car can offer peace of mind.

A good way to start your Mercedes suspension repair service is to let us check it for you! We will check your Mercedes and let you know what is wrong, then we can fix the problem and make sure you are safe to drive.

You can also book a service appointment with Mercedes professionals Dubai by emailing or calling us.

Mercedes Service Packages are a great way to save money on your next service. Take advantage of Binthani Motors’ and get the most out of your car! We have the following 2 Service packages for you:

Best Mercedes Repair in Dubai. We are at your service!

Our Service Advisors are ready to assist you with what ever you need! Speak to us NOW!

Mercedes Service A

Mercedes Service A is a comprehensive service that includes a full check of the vehicle, including a visual inspection of all fluid levels. It also includes an oil and filter change, brake check, fuel system flush, and more. This service is recommended every 10,000 miles or once per year (whichever comes first).

Mercedes Service B

Mercedes Service B is the most common service package, and it’s the one that keeps your vehicle running at its best. With this package, we’ll perform a tire rotation, brake inspection, and lube & oil change to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Mercedes Minor Service

A Mercedes minor service is a routine check-up of your Mercedes-Benz, which includes an oil change and filter replacement. It’s also important to get the correct fluid levels checked, as well as any other repairs that might be required on your Mercedes-Benz.

Like most cars, a Mercedes-Benz has to have its fluids changed regularly – every 12 months or so depending on how much you use your car. With other vehicles, this can get expensive if you don’t do it yourself but with Mercedes, it comes under the regular servicing price!

Mercedes Minor Repair includes:

  • Brakes Inspection

  • Ignition System Check

  • Replacement of the oil filter

  • Change of Oil

  • Replacement of the AC filter

  • Renewal of the air filter

  • Street Test

  • Washing and sanitizing cars

Mercedes Major Service Dubai

If you are an owner of a Mercedes Benz, this is the service you don’t want to miss. Your car will be serviced by a Mercedes repair specialist using only genuine Mercedes parts and fluids. A regular Major Service helps prevent premature wear of expensive components such as engine valves or pistons due to poor lubrication or contamination from worn-out seals. If any problems are detected during inspection, then we’ll fix them immediately before they become bigger problems down the line.

Mercedes-Benz’s Major services include

  • Manufacturer-specified Engine Oil

  • Fuel Filter

  • Replace Oil Drain Bolt Kit,

  • Top-Up of All Fluids

  • Air pressure and Tyre Check

  • Detailed Vehicle Inspection

  • Reset the car’s system Light

Advantages of Servicing your Mercedes-Benz by Binthani Motors

  • Using the most recent repair technologies, we assist you in preserving the leftover worth of your automobile.
  • We are the greatest option since we only use the best materials.
  • Authentic Mercedes repair components are what we utilize.
  • Each technician in this shop has received specialized training to provide the manufacturer with the knowledge necessary to fix Mercedes-Benz.
  • Authorized Bosch service center offering premium services.
  • A promise for all labor.

Any model you bring in here can be fixed. With the aid of the most recent technologies, our qualified mechanics can provide you with prompt assistance. Even the most complicated engines, Mercedes transmission repairs, Mercedes suspension repairs, etc., may be fixed by the Binthani Motors team. We promise to always use high-quality components while servicing your automobile.

Mercedes Benz Service Packages

We have both Major and Minor services along with a Intermediate service package that may benefit you depending on what needs done to your car, so be sure to talk with one of our experts about which package best suits you! If you need any other information on our services please feel free to contact us today!

  • Mercedes Minor Service,
  • Mercedes Benz Intermediate Service (Service A),
  • Mercedes Major Service (Service B),
Mercedes Benz Engine Repair

The engine in your Mercedes-Benz is designed to perform at its best. It’s a finely tuned symphony of moving parts that works together to generate power. When one or more components in the system are not working properly, it can cause serious engine problems for your vehicle.

  • Engine Repair & Rebuilding,
  • Engine Replacement,
  • Engine Cooling System Repair,
  • Oil Leak Repair,
  • Engine Overheating Repair,
  • Engine Misfire,
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics,
  • Injector Cleaning,
Mercedes Benz Brake Repair

If you notice any signs of poor or uneven wear on your car’s brakes, it’s important for you to have them checked by a professional immediately before things get worse. Besides, regular inspections can help prevent costly repairs down the line, as well as save lives!

  • Mercedes Front / Rear Brake Pads Change,
  • Front / Rear Brake Sensor Replacement.
  • Brake System Repair,
  • Front/Rear Brake Discs Replacements,
  • Brakes Booster Inspection / Repair,
  • ABS Repair,
  • Rotors Refacing.
Mercedes Benz Oil Change Service

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle is its motor oil. The motor oil helps to keep the engine running smoothly by keeping the rings and valves lubricated, preventing wear and tear on the moving parts.

  • Engine Oil Change,
  • Gearbox / Transmission Oil Change,
  • Steering Oil Change,
  • Transfer Case Oil Change,
  • Differential Oil Change,
  • Brake Oil Change,
  • Coolant Top up / Change.
Mercedes Suspension Repairs

Mercedes suspension systems are engineered to provide a comfortable ride. When any of these parts fail or develop problems, you may experience poor handling or wobbling that could affect your ability to drive safely. Talk to us about your suspension repair requirement.

  • Tie Rod Replacement,
  • Suspension System Lubrication,
  • Ball Joint Replacement,
  • Suspension Squeals and Noise Repair,
  • Shocks, Struts and Axle Repair,
  • Steering Repair,
  • Steering Oil Leak Repair,
  • Steering Oil Change.
Mercedes Gearbox / Transmission Repairs

The gearbox / transmission is one of the most important components in your car. A quick visual check by us will reveal any leaks and other issues which often can be resolved before they lead to costly repairs.

  • Mercedes Gearbox Repair / Rebuild,
  • Gearbox / Transmission Oil Change,
  • Gear Box Replacement.
Mercedes Spa Treatments

Give your Mercedes a luxury day out, The luxury post-servicing package that’s designed to make your Mercedes look as clean as it does when you drive it off the showroom floor. Some of the services and more.

  • Exterior Detailing,
  • Interior Detailing,
  • Ceramic Coating,
  • Engine Bay Detailing,
  • Paint Protection Film,
  • Tinting
  • Full Valet Services
Mercedes General Services

Be it a routine diagnosis or even a glass replacement, exhaust repair or upgrade, electrical issue, Battery Replacement, ECU troubleshooting, we’ve got it all. As a mercedes-benz owner you don’t have to look anywhere else.

  • Alternator Replacements,
  • Electrical Diagnosis,
  • ECU Troubleshooting,
  • Air Bag Repair,
  • Battery Replacement,
Auto Body Work

The professionals at Binthani Motors Auto Body Shop know how to take care of your Mercedes Benz Car or SUV and make sure it is as good as new again after an accident or any other damage that might have occurred.

  • Accident / Collision Repair,
  • Chassis Repair,
  • Mercedes Dent Removal,
  • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR),
  • Bumper Repair,
  • Painting Services,
  • Brake Calliper Painting,
  • Peelable Paint,
  • Rim Painting,
  • Scratch Removal & Repaint,
  • Windscreen Replacement,
  • Hail Damage Repair,
  • Convertible Roof Repair,
  • Rust Proofing,
  • Sunroof Repair,
  • Plastic Trim Repair,

What Makes Binthani Motors the Best Option for Your Upcoming Mercedes Car Service?

For your Mercedes Car Service Repair in Dubai, the best option is Binthani Motors. Our team of fully qualified technicians has a combined 20+ years of experience in dealership, independent, and garage operations. We also work on all makes and models of vehicles but specialize in Mercedes services and maintenance. Mercedes Car Services, Mercedes Car Repair, and Mercedes Car Maintenance are all under one roof. We are the best dealer alternative in Dubai.

Our automobile repair workshop offers comprehensive Mercedes Vehicle Services in Dubai. We can handle any repair, engine service, or maintenance work on your Mercedes. Our professional team is experienced in the diagnosis and repair of even the most complex problems. This means that you can have total confidence when booking an appointment with us – we will not compromise on quality.